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Our Sustainable Life Skills Café Project

Sustainable Cafe Project aims to support sustainable skills mindset as well as social inclusion which will enable disadvantaged groups including migrants, marginalized groups and low/semi-skilled adults to acquire knowledge and to develop attitudes and skills which support the adoption of vocational skills and as a result help them navigate through in a business environment.

These are skills we can take wherever we go in life… no matter what we do
Thomas Eisner

Life skills may be defined as abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life

- Rajeev Ranjan

Our Project aims to provide opportunities for the development of a sustainable life skills mindset for Low Skilled Adults and help gain them relevant knowledge to improve soft skills and gain sustainable competences. Sustainable Life Skills Café understands that adult education organisations, trainers, and support structures such as chambers or incubators, are put in a position to sustainably professionalise their services and increase their impact. By actively supporting the potential active work force in disadvantaged groups, we aim to create an important impact for the regional economy.

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Project Activities

Result 01


Our Toolkit aims to provide low-skilled adults in challenging situations with all the practical guidance and resources wishing to establish SLS & mindset and lifelong learning concept with a particular focus on increasing their confidence in their own competences and taking the responsibility of their own learning as well.

Result 02


The Sustainable Cafes are open events that are available for free to all potential participants. They will be open cafes with friendly atmospheres without any hurdles or barriers, sharing experiences, discussions and networking. They aim to widen participants’ awareness and support them to establish and achieve Sustainable Life Skill & Mindset with specific group activities and will have focused activities & exercises to improve practical relevance and facilitate adaptation.

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The App will provide the infrastructure for the Entrepreneurship Café Operators to post event dates and logistics in a calendar format and provide additional information to attract participants to the events. It integrates maps and service functions and offers nearby café searches to support participants to join the café events.

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